About me

My name’s Molly,

I started fabric and film as a way to distract me from important things like coursework and exams and a place to put all the little things I like, see and make. Guess it’s a bit of a public diary. Its also good at keeping me motivated.

I like taking photos on film, making clothes, days out, using old books as photo albums and scrapbooks, geraniums and glossy magazines. I don't like things that everyone else has, licorice, cows or making decisions.

I live in a pretty non descript village near a pretty non descript town, but one day I’d like to move to a big city, or just anywhere a little bit more inspiring.

The pictures on here and mostly taken with my Nikon D60, (or my phone when I don’t have that on me) and my films are mainly taken on my lovely Kodak Retinette.