A few weeks ago I went to London with my mum

We went mainly to look at the ball gowns exhibition at the V& A, it was so beautiful. we had a lush cream tea in the courtyard as well

and then headed over to Liberty where I bought lots of fabric with a voucher I had.

we then stopped for the most delicious waffle in the world

before more fabric shopping!

A few more pictures from my latest film


I started an Art foundation course a few weeks backs, and today we were experimenting with pinhole cameras and developing, it was so cool! its my new favourite thing, here are a few of my samples.


A few weeks ago I went down to bournemouth to visit the university for an open day

I wasn't overly keen on the university

but the beach and the weather was so so lovely I was sad I was only there for the day

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green

We didn't just get one rainbow last night...

We got a double one! Isn't it beautiful!

Amsterdam - Take 2!

Before I went away I bought this rather cool split screen camera from the local antique centre, it only cost me £35, whilst they're going for £90 on ebay! So I was a bit sceptical to whether it was going to work or not but the pictures have turned out really well! I don't think i have been so excited to go shopping in a long time, just so i could pick up these beauties up. looking at the pictures you can tell i got a bit snap happy and pretty much took pictures of anything and everything, but i like them, they have a happy feel about them!

Amsterdam houses

If anyone would like to buy me a house in Amsterdam please do! here are a few of my favourites, but i'm not fussy, the wonkier the better!